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Love Is the Answer⎮Manifest Ritual Kit

Love Is the Answer⎮Manifest Ritual Kit

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Love is the very foundation, beauty & fulfillment of life. ♡

Are you ready to manifest love?

This kit includes: • rose quartz (the stone of love)

• sage bundle - (clears away bad juju)

• palo santo - (cleansing & invites positive energy)

• sandalwood rope incense (for relaxation & meditation)

• keepsake charm ('i love you to the moon, the stars, and back again')

• ritual feather (to guide the smoke from your sage and palo santo)

We've included a complete guide on using and getting the most out of your kit! This makes it the perfect gift for anyone & especially for those who are not familiar with the power of crystals and the process of spiritual cleansing ❤

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